It's about the community


The Community Building Department of Centers for New Horizons functions as the connection between our staff, clients, and Bronzeville community residents at large. As a community based institution the problems and concerns faced by the community are the problems and concerns of Centers for New Horizons as well. Community Building works to assist and provide opportunities for growth and development among community residents by providing opportunities for collective action between staff, our clients, and community residents at large. The community building initiative also provides another avenue for addressing the numerous problems affecting minority communities. Through grassroots collective action Community Building provides an opportunity to address community issues through a progressive developmental approach thus providing participants the opportunity to solve problems for themselves. It is our motto to "Never do for someone what they can do for Themselves". Through encouragement and training we challenge community residents to engage in the hard work of finding solutions as opposed to pontificating about the problems faced by our neighborhoods today. Our training is focused in the art of relationship building as a means of building power, understanding Power in our society and who has it, and organizing strategic issue campaigns. We provide both workshop and on- the- job training opportunities. In conclusion Community Building provides an opportunity for every day citizens to develop leadership skills and participate in the decision making process that results in how resources are distributed in our society and in our communities.

Family Development projects

  • - Urban Farming as a tool for Community Development. We are operating our own community farm that serves as a symbol for promoting health eating and improvement in the availability of healthy foods;
  • - Bronzeville Greener Initiative which trains youth cadres between the ages of 15 to 20 in areas of Environmental Justice, Ecology, and Life Skills. They've just completed a project called Legends and Lore (mac insert) in partnership with the Field Museum. The project was in support of the opening of the Bronzeville Wildlife Sanctuary located between 47th and 22nd St. in the south Lakefront area known as Burnham Park;
  • - Smart Grid Smart Meter Project; a program designed to educate and involve hard to reach populations in how to take advantage of innovative energy saving devices and how to become a participant in the global effort to sustain our planet by conserving energy and applying the cost savings to other needs;
  • - Youth Leadership Development and Organizing is our program that identifies, recruits, and trains young leaders who show potential as future organizers for Social Justice. We believe that Sustainability begins with our youth.

For additional information you can contact: Johnnie Owens or Mac Gordon at 773-451-1003 or the mobile number 708-522-8275.