FamilyWorks is a voluntary case coordination program funded by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). The Family Works program services CHA’s entire population of public housing and 10/1/99 relocated residents living in the private market temporarily using Housing Choice Vouchers. All of these families can seek out services at any time, and targeted employment assistance is directed to adults who are able to work but not employed. FamilyWorks also works with 10/1/99 residents to help them satisfy their Right of Return. CNH current services approximately 1200 CHA families living is what's known as 3-E Region. Our current clients reside primarily in the Bronzeville, Washington Park and South Shore communities.

Our Program Model

The Family Works Programs model uses a combination or direct service as well as referral to meet the individuals needs of the clients engaged with services. The overall program model is broken down into the following core areas of focus:

Developing academic achievement: focused on youth and education Increasing earning power; focused on employment Increasing economic independence: focused on asset building and homeownership Increasing stability and quality of life; focused on seniors and other support

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    Kenneth Athens says

    Yes, it is an urban environment in an area that has historically been engineered to have disparities compared to other parts of the city. Still, Bronzeville has many good neighbors and a great proximity to much of what Chicago has to offer.

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    John Williams says

    Entrenched poverty in Chicago continues to be concentrated in neighborhoods with more than 80 percent residents of color. The Bronzeville neighborhood population of nearly 84,000 is more than 93 percent African-American. In this context, Centers for New Horizons is a large, stable cornerstone organization on Chicago�s South Side led primarily by African-Americans. The Centers engages its sizable constituency of low-income African-American families in activism and advocacy.

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      Chris Stephens says

      Positivity! The family works program is a shining light of positive reinforcement. It's work, but I appreciate the opportunity to better my outlook. The staff is real, I appreciate that, we sat down and wrote out a life map and it's working.

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      Guest says

      I too have created a life map with the staff of Centers for New Horizons. They care...and that's what makes this program stand out. I don't feel like i'm getting treated like a patient or it's just another job to complete. They get involved with my life.