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Youth and Development: Centers' Youth and Family Development Department supports youth with a heavy concentration on career readiness and college preparation Center's develops the habits and skill necessary to achieve academically. Offers after-school and summer youth development and violence prevention programs to youth ages 6 to 24. Activities including tutoring, team sports, drama and peer mediation to build academic, social, physical and creative skills.

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Service Offered

  • Mentoring.
  • Youth Coalition.
  • Parental Engagement.
  • Scholarship.
  • College Club.
  • Anti-Violence Campaign.
  • Voters Registration.
  • Onsite Youth Direct Programming.
  • Summer Jobs.
  • Service Learning Opportunities.
  • Job Training, Referrals, and Placement.
  • Civic Engagement Opportunities.

Who is Eligible?

Family Works- Children and families who are clients/residents of the Chicago housing authority who reside in region 3E. SAPP- Children and Families who reside in the Washington Park and Douglass park community.